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New look, same bestselling cream!

Formerly Tush, Bushbalm’s ultra-firming body cream, named Curve Cream will smoothen and soften the appearance of skin. Curve Cream is packed with natural plant-derived ingredients like coffee arabica seed, and Brazilian nut seed oil that works hard to help tighten, firm, and keep skin feeling and looking refreshed. Made for anywhere on the body that needs a hydrating lift.

Curve Cream has a signature scent Summer Vacay. A soft aroma of fresh vanilla blossom and warm almond will instantly transport you to a warm summer day.

Size 3.38fl oz / 100ml

BushBalm Curve Cream

SKU: 217537123517253
  • - Use Daily

    - Massage in circular motion on the skin. For best results use daily right after the shower when skin is most absorbent.

    Recommended Areas:

    - Tush, thighs, arms, breasts, stomach or anywhere skin needs a hydrating lift.

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